Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Rett-Syndrome-Awareness 2014 - 5. Oktober - Prof. Andreas Rett

To live, to love, and to learn

Über die Rett-Kinder sagte Prof.Rett:
"They feel all the love given to them. 
They have a great sensitivity for love. 
I am sure of this. 
There are many mysteries, 
and one of them is the girls’ eyes. 
I tell all the parents to look at their eyes. 

The eyes are talking to them. 
I am sure the girls understand everything, 
but they can do nothing with the information."

Über die Eltern sagte Prof. Rett:
"It is the parents who make most of the diagnoses, 
not the doctors, who often tell mothers that they are hysterical. 
Such doctors are very wrong - they know nothing, but say something."

In einer Konferenz teilete Prof. Rett seine Überlegungen mit Eltern UND Fachleuten:
"These three words summarize best our task: To live, to love, and to learn. We are aware of the fact that many mysteries of this syndrome still remain undisclosed, and therefore, for the time being, we have no option but to live with it. However, the children with their very special ways give us enough impulse to share their lives. It is a further mystery of this syndrome that the affected children render it easy for us to love them. A dominating factor in the care of such children is that they understand us and we understand them. Their appearance and the sparkle in their eyes make it easy to love them. Daily care for them and working with them gives us grownups strength, enabling us to learn the special treatment required, thus furthering our own development. To live with them, to love them and to learn from them are the rudimentary principles of our work."

"Their appearance and the sparkle in their eyes make it easy to love them."

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